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Hotel Silver


    We realize events for companies. We dispense emotion, liberate adrenaline, wake up the competitive spirit beer and team play. We train a good ride.

    Interested in the details? - write to us, we will send a detailed offer.



    Time in minutes Price in PLN
    RACE 8 gokarts * * Extra cost for next gokart
    30 800 100
    60 1600 200
    90 2400 300

    * Le Mans - NON STOP DRIVE, F1 - training,qualy, race

    * At the same time on the track max. 14 gokarts

    Exclusilve track reservation must be made in personal, not later than the day before the scheduled date. It is mandatory to fill the reservation form and payment of the deposit 300 .

    Each participant is obliged to have  balaclava under the helmet.

    Price balaclavas in reservation - 5

    The prices in the table include VAT.

    Offer valid to do 31.12.2017 r.


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